If you got here from a failed Cisco Spark in VR connection test, you can see further information about which services you are failing to access below.

Cisco Spark in VR requires two external services to be accessible over the network in order to function:

  1. The Cisco Spark platform 
  2. Cisco Spark in VR's servers 

When running on certain networks, such as those at work or school, some of these services/ports may be blocked and will stop Cisco Spark in VR from working. Try speaking to your IT department or switching networks if you are encountering these issues. You can always reach out to us (right from this page!) if you need further asisstance. 

The Cisco Spark platform 

You can ensure that your network can reach Cisco Spark by first running the Cisco Spark Network Test at https://mediatest.ciscospark.com. A pass in all categories is required to use Cisco Spark in VR.  

An example passing media test 

Cisco Spark in VR service

Cisco Spark in VR requires connection to its own service, for 3D object synchronization and login, which have some additional requirements:

  • TCP 8080
  • TCP 8083

Communication must be possible over all of these in order to use Cisco Spark in VR. 

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