In order to get setup with Cisco Spark in VR you will need:

  1. A Cisco Spark account (Free accounts work as well as company accounts. Sign up at
  2. An Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch Controllers -
  3. An Oculus Ready PC - 
  4. An Oculus User Account - 

First time setup

The first time you run the app you will be prompted outside of VR to authorize your Cisco Spark in VR client to your Cisco Spark account. Simply follow the instructions in your browser

You will find yourself in the Spark VR Lobby. This is your personal, comfy space. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Look at your wrist and tap the Spark icon (or press the menu button on the controller) to open the menu
  • From here select Room List and choose the Spark Space you wish to join 
  • You select by either pressing on the button with your finger OR by using the laser pointer (see laser pointer and controller descriptions below) and holding either the X (left hand) or A (right hand) button while hovering over the button with the laser


  • When you connect to the room you will see your messages on one wall, your files on another wall and the Spark Board in the room. Uploaded 3D objects will appear on the table
  • Note that once you and others join you will be connected through audio. There currently is no way to mute
  • If you upload another file (currently only .png, .jpg and .obj files are supported in Cisco Spark in VR) it will appear on the wall and you can grab and interact with it
  • If you upload a 3D model (.obj) it will be rendered on the table in the middle of the room. You can now interact with this object the same way you can with other objects in the room

Laser Pointer

In order to make the laser pointer

  • Point your index finger
  • Leave your thumb on the thumb plate
  • Squeeze the Grip Trigger button 

This will enable a laser for pointing at places and make other people in the room aware of what you’re looking at. If pointing the laser at a button you can interact with the button by holding down either the X (left hand) or A (right hand) button on the same hand as the laser.


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