TeamTV is your team's live TV channel. Not only can you communicate across locations with real-time video, you can add important content to the News ticker that runs across the bottom of the screen. 


If your team is like ours, many start the day with Hacker News. To see the latest articles on your channel, let's add their RSS feed, 

Visit your channel's corresponding Spark space and @mention the TeamTV bot with the following command:

TeamTV feed add

TeamTV replies back to you, confirming the feed has been added!


You can also add stock symbols: 

TeamTV feed add CSCO


Adding your team's Twitter handle is a great way to keep updated without doing any additional work. 

Visit and enter a username or search term to get a tailored RSS feed of that Twitter stream, for example,

Now add that feed to your TeamTV channel: 

TeamTV feed add


If you can put it in an RSS feed, you can add it to your TeamTV channel. We'd love to hear what you come up with! 😄

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